TEDxCalcutta Overview

If you do not know what TED is or what the TEDx Program is, what TEDxCalcutta is and are wondering how you can know more, participate or get involved this section is supposed to provide you all the details that you need. Read On.

A Quick Overview

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. TEDxCalcutta (where x = independently organized TED event) is one such TEDxEvent; we are organizing at Calcutta.

At TEDxCalcutta event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. Even though the TED Conference a general guidance for the TEDx program, like all other TEDxEvent, TEDxCalcutta, is an independently organized by us and operated under a license from TED.

At TEDxCalcutta one of our major goals is to find the smartest, brightest and the most creative minds of Calcutta and get them together for a daylong event in an environment where these minds can freely exchange ideas.

Who Can Be A TEDx Participant?

Anyone with a passion for changing things; innovating things; or sharing ideas that are worth sharing can be a TEDxParticipant.

Because the number of seats at TEDxCalcutta is limited anyone willing to participate will need to go through the TEDxCalcutta online registration form which will be manually reviewed before your registration is approved.

The registration form does seem slightly lengthy and long winded but we sincerely hope you will be spending some time on the essay questions asked in the form and trying to reflect your true personality in your answers.

At TEDxCalcutta we are trying our best to give each participant the best TED-like moments and in our attempt to do so we are constantly looking out for the most interesting participants to invite from everyone who applies.

The essay questions are our only way to take a quick insight into your mind; thought process and what you stand for.

We hope you keep some time aside to fill the essay questions such that your answers reflect your personality and help us know you better.

Is There A Cost Associated With TEDxCalcutta Participation?

Yes. There is nominal cost associated with TEDxCalcutta participation which is mentioned in the participation form. Having said that, TEDxCalcutta is a non-profit event and any amount collected will be used to facilitate the event, food and other arrangements for the participants.

If your participation form is approved we will be sending you more details on the how you can proceed with paying. At that point you will have an option of either continuing with the registration or cancelling the registration.

You can avoid this cost by getting involved and becomming a TEDxCalcutta well-wisher.

For more information on becomming a well-wisher, read section below.

Getting Involved.

At TEDxCalcutta we are working on multiple fronts and we encourage friends, well wishers and TEDx enthusiasts to pitch in and help. 'TEDxCalcutta Well-wishers' are people who are willing to step up and extend their help. Here are some ways where you might be able to help or become a 'TEDxCalcutta Well-Wisher':

Spread The Word.

Pass the TEDxCalcutta online registration form over to your friends, colleagues or any smart individuals you might know who you think might be a good fit for TEDxCalcutta participation.

Please do note that we want TEDxCalcutta to be an event for a niche audience so pick the best of your friends, the smartest of your colleagues and the wisest of your mentors to apply.

Ask them to enter your email address in the 'how did you learn about TEDxCalcutta' field. The person to refer the largest number of participants that get selected becomes a 'TEDxCalcutta well-wisher'.

Tweet About TEDxCalcutta.

If you have a twitter account, follow us at @TEDxCalcutta and provide spread the word through twitter. The 'most influential' user having the 'maximum impact' on the event becomes a 'TEDxCalcutta well-wisher'.

Suggest A Speaker.

Helping us get a genuinely remarkable TEDxCalcutta speaker involves much more than just giving us names. Help us get in touch with truly remarkable speakers, and help us get them to speak at TEDxCalcutta. Get directly involved with helping us find truly remarkable speakers and become a 'TEDxCalcutta well-wisher'.

Help Us Get A Sponsor.

Introduce us to a sponsor you might know personally or professionally. Help with the whole process of getting them onboard to sponsor parts of TEDxCalcutta in cash or in kind. Anyone who gets involved in the process and helps us materialize a sponsorship through direct involvement becomes a 'TEDxCalcutta well-wisher'.

All 'TEDxCalcutta well-wishers' will be given free entry into TEDxCalcutta.

Contact Us For Additional Queries Or Suggestions.

In case you have any questions; queries or suggestions about TEDxCalcutta participation; 'TEDxCalcutta well-wisher' program or the event itself; feel free to email us at questions@tedxcalcutta.com.